Harare Province Rugby received a timely boost from their main sponsors and partners in rugby Paramount a Garment works, as they prepare for the eventual return of rugby training and games.
The equipment was handed over to the Harare Board Chairperson and Zimbabwe Rugby Union Board member Mr Joseph Kawonza  by the Paramount Garments Financial Director Mr Jeremy Youmans at his offices in Belvedere. At the Presentation Mr Youmans said “we strongly believe that this sponsorship and partnership with Harare rugby will empower the clubs to make their stadia safe,secure and attractive to their players and fans creating ripples that spell progress not just for clubs and their stadia, but the country as a whole”. Mr Youmans reiterated the need for good corporate governance of sports organizations as this attracted the corporate sponsors.  Where theRe are cases of mismanagement and bad publicity, corporates will shy away. He applauded the Harare Board for their impeccable governance systems which he said bodes well for the growth of rugby in the province and the country.

Paramount Garments made a sponsorship of the following equipment :

1. 30 x 22m field markers

2. 30 x 59m field markers

3. 40 corner poles

4. 20 post pads

5. 25 rugby balls.

The chairperson of the Harare Rugby Board Mr Joseph Kawonza thanked Paramount Garments For their timely sponsorship as the province and clubs are preparing for the eventual return to the training and playing fields once the government through the Sports and Recreation commission Gives the green light. Mr Kawonza said Paramount garments has been supporting the growth of rugby in the province by sponsoring several leagues in the province and his board will continue to ensure that Paramount Garments gets value for their sponsorship through brand visibility and good corporate governance Practise from his board.  Mr Kawonza said the sponsored kit will be distributed to the five key stadia in the province that are used for rugby league matches. He said they will soon meet as the board and clubs to distribute the equipment.

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Joe Kawonza receiving the Sponsored equipment from Paramount garments financial director Mr Jeremy Youmans