The Zimbabwe Rugby Union has through the Manicaland Board spread its tentacles to the rural grassroots in Manicaland Province. Chipinge town elected their board into office at the weekend. The Manicaland Board Chairperson Mr Josiah Borerwe presided over the elections. The mandate of the Chipinge Rugby board is to foster, encourage and promote the game of rugby in Chipinge and the surrounding areas.

Manicaland Rugby Board chairman and Zimbabwe Rugby Union board member, Josiah Borerwe, said that his board will be opening district rugby boards to decentralise the administration of the game and enable teams and schools from marginalised areas to partake in rugby competitions. The drive to take rugby to the rural areas come after the initial success story of Sahumani girls rugby team that was started by the Manicaland rugby and went on to produce national team players and the establishment of the jungle gym in Honde Valley. Mr Borerwe said his board will continue setting up district structures in the vast province to ensure that the game spreads to the previously marginalized areas. The Manicaland Rugby board donated two rugby balls , cones and a rugby whistle after the rugby board was set up.

The Chipinge Rugby Board was elected as follows

President: Tondlana Gabriel
Advisor: Jourbet Juan
Patron: Tondlana Stanley
Chairman: Tondlana Tulani
Vice chairman: Mr Jambaya
Secretary General: Chirume Marshall
Treasurer: Machiwana Average
Chairlady: Mrs Maparara
Referees: Denzel Makuyana, Mandipazano Nhamo

Stakeholder Representatives
Uniformed forces: Mandipazano Nhamo
Sec schools: Muusha Trymore, Mrs Gokoma
Pri schools: Chimonyo Dunken
Coaches: Chirume Marshall,
Mr Mahlabana ,
Mr Mufute ,Russell Gutu
Tertiary rep: Russell Gutu
Publicity and marketing: Charakupa Tamuka

For all the pictures and videos of the setting up of the Chipinge Rugby Board visit:

Chipinge Rugby Board
Chipinge Rugby Board