Breaking news
  1. ZRU distributes PPE’s and Disinfectants to Provinces
  2. ZRU In-Touch Magazine Vol.3 released.
  3. ZRU Executive meets the Midlands rugby stakeholders
  4. Zimbabwe rugby adopts the World Rugby GRTP protocols
  5. The ZRU endorses World Rugby Anti-Doping regulation 21.

Zimbabwe U17

The Zimbabwe U17 Junior Sables team is selected from school going young men in the country. The Final trials are held usually in the third week of the second school term.  The trials are held on a rotational basis around schools in the country. The Junior Sables take part in the South African Rugby Grant Khomo week where all provincial sides play. Namibia and Zimbabwe are the international countries that also take part in the Grant Khomo Week.

Coaching Staff

Head Coach

Marvin Chirume

(Nationality : Zimbabwe)
Assistant Coach

Costa Dinha

(Nationality : Zimbabwe)

Shaun DeSouza

(Nationality : Zimbabwe)